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I can’t paint
I haven't painted since school
I'm just not creative
My art teacher told me that I wasn't any good at art
I don't want to look silly

Can I still enjoy an Art & THRIVE event?

Yes! Our events are specially tailored for people to just have a go and have fun!  There will be a few challenging moments, there always are, even for an experienced painter -  that’s life and the nature of painting, but at Art & THRIVE we help you overcome these moments and provide positive solutions so that you can enjoy your painting evening.  This is your time to throw caution to the wind and squash any little niggling doubts about what you think you can and can’t do – surprise yourself, that’s the beauty of art! 


Believe it or not, when we carried out a survey this is something that came up a lot and this is a real shame because at Art and Thrive we know that it’s all down to teaching techniques to help you feel confident. Yes, some people have a natural flair as do some people for maths, but if you are taught some simple techniques and under expert guidance, even a complete novice will be amazed at what they can do.  

What’s Included?


Food and drink?

Each event and venue is different so please check booking details carefully. Food and drink is available for purchase at most venues. Some may events include a welcome complimentary glass of wine and will be included in the ticket price, however this is a discretionary offer and is subject to individual venues and events.  The details of each individual event can be found in the painting and booking descriptions.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices may vary according to individual venue charges and therefore individual paintings may be advertised at slightly different rates.


Can I bring my own food and drink?

As our venues offer food and drink you are not permitted to bring your own.  


Art materials

All art materials and equipment is included.

Do I need to prepare or bring any materials with me?


Our creative and painting events are planned by experienced art teachers and events managers and they will have everything you’ll need to produce your piece of art: paint, brushes, water pots, canvases and aprons, so you can just turn up, let your mind unwind and relax. 

Do your events cater for all ages?


Most of our painting and creative events take place in bars and restaurants and therefore we adhere to an 18 plus policy.  We do run family and events days at alternative venues and these will be clearly flagged along with age appropriateness in our painting selection and booking details.  As a rule children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and have purchased tickets for each family member.



We like to keep our evenings as accessible as possible and try to partner with as many venues that provide good accessibility facilities.

Please contact us at for more information about venue accessibility.

Art and Thrive, cancellation and refund policy.

From time to time we may have to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances. This may be due to a variety of reasons beyond our control, including low booking numbers for a particular event.  In the event of Art & THRIVE having to cancel an event we will aim to give you 48 hours notice.  You will be entitled to either an event transfer to another event of the same ticket value or a full refund.

How can I cancel or transfer my ticket?

If you would like to transfer or cancel your ticket you will need to give us not less than 72 hours notice in writing prior to the start time of an event. We can only transfer tickets to another event of the same ticket value. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a transfer or refund with less than 48 hours notice. Send your cancellation or refund notice to: Terms and Conditions apply. Please read carefully.

How do I book my ticket?

Please use our online payment system. Once you’ve chosen and selected your painting event please follow the online instructions. Our payment provider is PayPal. If you should experience any problems please contact us at All our events are organised in advance and therefore we do not accept payment at the event venue door.  All tickets are only sold via Art and Thrive and not directly through the venue.


To choose your event please click HERE

How can I join the Art & THRIVE team?

If you would like to become an associate artist or are an events manager then Art & THRIVE would like to hear from you. Please contact us Thank you.

Already booked, so what do I do next?


As you’ll have booked on-line we’ll have you on our check-in list, so you just need to come along about 15 minutes before the start time.

Can I organise my own private party, corporate or fundraising event.


We are happy to help you achieve your perfect event that your guests will remember and enjoy.


As each occasion is different our events team would be happy to discuss your ideas and specific requirements with you.  We can do as little or as much of the organising as you would like us to do so in the first instance please get in touch and have a chat with our events team

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