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What is social art?

Social art is the coming together of people to enjoy the pursuit of self expression, joy in making images and finding inspiration from each other in a non-judgemental way.

A space for social connection and where conversation can thrive.


It is a great way to switch-off your busy mind from your daily routine...And have some fun!

It's an ideal way to give yourself permission to just have a go and enjoy the experience - what you do doesn't have to be perfect - nor is it going to be judged.

It's highly immersive so you can't think about anything else.

Introduce some slow-time

It's ok to take a tech break from screen and social apps. Give yourself time to dwell and ponder about other stuff rather than what's happening on your social apps...somethings can wait.

Who's it for?

It's definitely not just for the arty folk, anyone can enjoy making art. Social art has been the foundation of many human civilisations for thousands of years.

So basically, if you're human then it's for YOU.

Art and Thrive - Jacqui Simpson

"The beauty of art is that it teaches us that some of our mistakes can often turn out better than our original intentions...

...It helped me put things into perspective and learn to keep positive about situations for which I had no control"

As a business woman I found it very difficult to switch-off from my busy routine and calm my mind.

It wasn't until I found something fully immersive that I started to learn how to unwind and relax.

From my own need to find a space and a place where I could completely lose myself and become totally detached from everyday work/life pressure, I realised that this could benefit others too - hence Art & THRIVE was born. So please come and experience a completely different carefree moment with me and my lovely team.

I have now been teaching and making art for over 20 years and have never looked back.

Best Wishes,

Jacqui Simpson

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